A retrospective on the joys of playing the old Nintendo Entertainment System (NE…

A retrospective on the joys of playing the old Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) classics.
In a previous post I mentioned that growing up, we didn’t have any game systems like Nintendo, Sega, in the house, and had to rely on the family PC for gaming. However, that didn’t stop us from trying to play them by any means necessary.

I remember way back in the day at the local mall there was a massive kiosk in the center of the lower level named “CapTron World Of Nintendo”. Surrounding a central counter, where you could purchase games and systems, were a dozen Nintendo M82 display units – each one loaded with a dozen games you could try.
As you could imagine I lived on those kiosks with each mall trip. Only catch was there was a 5 minute timer on each unit, after which the kiosk would reset. As such, I usually gravitated towards quick fixes like #duckhunt, #kungfu, or #prowrestling…but I did love the graphics, music and concept of #megaman2; the game was difficult enough that I was usually dead in well under 5 minutes anyway.

One magical summer, around oh, ‘88 or so, my mama and I took a trip to her homeland of Macau to visit my grandmother. We became fast friends with the family who lived upstairs from my grandma; the son had a Famicom Disk System, which was basically like the U.S. NES but with a floppy disk drive expansion that allowed for better graphics and cutscenes in some games. This translated to three months of bliss for me as I went up there everyday and we would play classics like #legendofzelda, #contra, #bubblebobble and #castlevania incessantly.
Much later in college I discovered console emulation on PC…while it was amazing to have hundreds of NES games at one’s fingertips, it just wasn’t the same using a keyboard and without needing to jury-rig the carts with Q-Tips and alcohol. I later traded some Magic: The Gathering cards for a proper old school NES and literally played it with my roommates until it became a smoking paperweight…which was about 3 months. But what a glorious season it was.

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